I see a field in the logonid record called PSWD-MIX. What does this mean?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Looking at several LOGONID records, I see a field called PSWD-MIX. What does this mean.


The PSWD-MIX field of the LOGONID record is used to show that the user has a mixed case password. This LOGONID bit field is used in conjunction with global password controls that require the user to enter their password in mixed case format. These global password options are: PSWDMIXD, PSWDUC, and PSWDLC. These GSO PSWD options require the user to enter their password using a combination of upper and lower case characters. These options take effect when the user sets their password. It does not effect current passwords.

When CA-ACF2 encrypts the mixed case password and stores the encrypted password in the user's LOGONID record, it also sets the PSWD-MIX bit. Once the bit is set, the only way to disable this option is to set a new password after changing the PSWD global options to: NOPSWDMIXD, NOPSWDUC and NOPSWDLC.

The PSWD-MIX bit can not be changed with the ACF command. It is displayed when listing a LOGONID that has a password containing mixed-case characters.
You can also use the following commands to identify users with the bit set:

LIST IF(PSWD-MIX) <<< This will list all LOGONIDS that have the PSWD-MIX bit set.
CHANGE IF(PSWD-MIX)..... <<<<< This will change all LOGONIDS that have the PSWD-MIX bit set.

Consult the CA-ACF2 Administration Guide for more details and guidelines for using mixed case passwords.