I run CA Optimizer/II's Analyzer report and getting error message as CAPR421E INTERNAL ERROR CONDITION DETECTED. CONTACT CA. How can I correct this error?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Invoke Analyzer options such as XTIME, XREPORT & XCOUNT to produce Analyzer report but getting CAPR421E INTERNAL ERROR CONDITION DETECTED.  CONTACT CA. error message instead.

How can I correct this error message?


The error message CAPR421E INTERNAL ERROR CONDITION DETECTED.  CONTACT CA. produced by load library allocated as PDSE.

The PDSE library requires BINDER option turn on to Analyzer process getting CAPR421E.

As the CA Optimizer/II install guide Appendix A stated for BINDER option as follow:


Specifies whether to access user load modules through the binder API function calls or the standard I/O macros. You must set this option to ON if the programs being analyzed reside in PDSE libraries.

Additional Information:

CA Optimizer/II installation guide.