I receive error message ACF82900 ACF2, INVALID SYNTAX when I logon to TSO and my password contains US National characters #, @, and $. This occurs if I logon at a European terminal.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I tried logging on to TSO using the US National characters #, @, and $ in my password. I was visiting our European office and the logon failed with message ACF82900 ACF2, INVALID SYNTAX. The CA-ACF2 Administrator Guide says that these are valid characters. Why am I getting this failure?

This failure relates to the Mainframe Codepage that the terminal emulator is using when connecting to TSO from the terminal.



The Mainframe codepage character set used by the terminal emulator will decide which Hexadecimal value will be assigned to a character when connecting to a mainframe system. US English is codepage 037 and the dollar sign is x'5B' . United Kingdom codepage is 285 and a dollar sign is x'4A'. The Swedish codepage is 278 and a dollar sign is x'67'

CA-ACF2 only accepts the following values as US National Characters:

National CharacterHexadecimal Character
@ - At symbolX'7C'
$ - Dollar signX'5B
# - Pound signX'7B'