I need to move my DYNAM/D pool to new disks. What is the easiest way to do so?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The customer would like to replace existing volumes in the pool with new DASD. There are catalog controlled versions on the current volumes. Is there a method that will allow the current versions to be read from the old volumes and then write the new versions to the new DADS? NOTE: The following procedure assumes that the old and new DASD are the same device type.


  1. Using CUI screen CAYD-1440 you can DELETE the volume where you are no more willing to write and you ADD the new volumes. As you know, all the disks MUST BE absolutely the same device type.

  2. When done, you hit F10 to refresh the pool definition.

  3. If you share your pool with multiple VSE, you go in screen CAYD-1440 in ALL the VSE and hit F10 again. This way, the new pool is known in all the VSE.

  4. If an INPUT file is located on the DELETED volumes, at OPEN time DYNAM will use the information from the catalog to locate the dataset on the old volume.

  5. When a file on the old volumes get expired (a new generation have been created) it is DELETED from the VTOC of the volume where it is located.

  6. If you have the ROTATE option for your POOL, than the new volumes will be used in the sequence defined in screen CAYD-1440.

  7. When your old volume will be empty, you can disconnect this. If after some weeks you would like to disconnect, but there are still a few files active on the old volumes, than you can do a DYNUTIL DUMP followed by DYNUTIL REORG to place this to the current pool.