I just installed CA Common Services R14 (was running CCS390 12.0), and when ENFIMUF is started, I get CAS9316E - CICSINIT "Describe" failed - rc(-120) r/s(X'F5F1F0F0F3').

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrading from CA Common Services r12 to v14, the following messages may be witnessed when ENF v14 is started.

CAS9316E - CICSINIT "Describe" failed - rc(-120) r/s(X'F5F1F0F0F3')
CAS9203E - CA-ENF Initialization error - terminating

The above situation prevents ENF from successfully initializing. The CAS9316E message indicates a problem within the database and the CAS9340I message is an indication that a step was missed during the upgrade process.


An upgrade from r12 to v14 requires that the database be updated to import the newer plans. This requirement is documented on page 249 of the CA Common Services v14 Installation Guide within the section titled "Customize an Existing CA Datacom/AD for CAIENF".

Follow these steps to correct the current situation:

  1. Shutdown ENF
  2. If not already running with an external MUF, start the DATACOM/AD MUF external to CAIENF
  3. IMPORT the New CAIENF plan into DATACOM/AD by editing and submitting CAW0JCL member AW1IMPRT
  4. Start ENF. If running ENFIMUF, remember to first stop the external MUF

NOTE: If for some reason you need to fall back to ENF r12 after running the above import job, you will need to run the same import job, but pointing the CCS r12 CAIEXP data set on the //TRANSF DD statement.