I have Source code that resides in Endevor and want to ship that module to a remote location.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have a situation where the type definition is defined as data and in the processor group there are no processors defined (*NOPROC*).  The need is to be able to ship this data to a remote site using Endevor's package ship.  


There is a way to allow just source code that is stored in Endevor to be shipped to a remote location.

On the type definition panel these are the files that are defined:

BASE/IMAGE LIBRARY ===> prefix.qual.BASE1 
DELTA LIBRARY      ===> prefix.qual.DELTA1
INCLUDE LIBRARY    ===>                    
SOURCE O/P LIBRARY ===> prefix.qual.SOL   


The source output library that is defined in a type definition is unique since the add and move actions are part of the Endevor internal processing when a generate or move processor is not defined to the type you are using.

When a element is added to Endevor we check to see if there is a processor group.  If not (and there is source output library defined), we execute a  internal processor called BASICGEN.  This will copy the element out of Endevor and put it in the source output library that is defined in the type definition.  When a move is done, we move to the next stage (same type) and a copy of the member is put in the new source output library.  A delete is also done automatically to clean up the previous stage source output library.  When the add or move action is run in a package, again the internal software is invoked to create a backout member of the elements along with the action processing previously defined.

The source output library should be defined as a pds with the attributes of


Any element that does not have a backout record will not be part of the package ship process.  the following errors will be noted if you are expecting all element to be shipped and there is not any backout created,

the following errors will be displayed if no backout records are defined and the package ship is executed: