I have set an unconditional breakpoint (UBP) in my non-terminal task in CA InterTest for CICS. When I start the transaction the UBP is not displayed on my terminal.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The process for setting a breakpoint in a non-terminal task in CA InterTest for CICS is also described in TEC391954 - "Breakpointing a Non-Terminal Task". This document summarizes TEC391954 into easy to follow steps.

NOTE: One must value the terminal ID on the SOURCE LISTING PROFILE *BEFORE* setting the breakpoint on the SOURCE LISTING DISPLAY!


When setting a breakpoint using LIST or ITST, the breakpoint is built using the values from the SOURCE LISTING PROFILE that is displayed by hitting PF4 when one is on the SOURCE LISTING DISPLAY. The initial value of the From terminal ID should be the same as the BKPT terminal ID. Overtype From terminal ID with .ANY:

Figure 1

Hit Enter (or PF3) to go back to the SOURCE LISTING DISPLAY to set the breakpoint. With a From terminal ID of .ANY, you can now set your breakpoints for the non-terminal task.

If you first set the breakpoint, and then go to the SOURCE LISTING PROFILE to set your From terminal ID, IT WILL NOT BE REFLECTED IN THE BREAKPOINT THAT YOU HAVE JUST SET! It must be done in the order specified in order for it to be properly set.

To set an InterTest for CICS breakpoint in a non-terminal task, here are the steps you should be doing using the LIST command. This is also covered in TEC391954 - "Breakpointing a Non-Terminal Task".

  1. LIST=<progname>


  3. Set From terminal ID = .ANY and hit enter

  4. Set UBP

  5. From a clear screen, enter CNTL=INQ

    You should see from=.ANY to=<termid> on the UBP

If you are using the ITST command here are the steps you should be doing:

  1. ITST 2.1 - this gets to the PROGRAM MONITORING screen

  2. Enter <progname> and select UBP

  3. From the COBOL BREAKPOINT LOCATIONS screen, enter the statement number or offset for UBP

    Also for Term ID (or .ANY or .NO) where breakpoints will take effect: .ANY

  4. CAIN4580 UBP option(s) processed message should be returned.

  5. From a clear screen, enter CNTL=INQ

    You should see from=.ANY to=<termid> on the UBP

Upon successful completion of the steps, after entering "CNTL=INQ" from a clear screen, one should see something like the following example:

LSMTW119   For userid .ANY
           Symbolic file is PROTSYM
             ABP  goes to 0002
             Abend Intercept ABI=ON
            UBP   offset=  +0D300         at=#6124
                  from=.ANY to=0002
            UBP   offset=  +0CC70         at=#1
                  from=.ANY to=0002
            SLB   terminal is 0002 - Source Listing Breakpoints are on.
                  Listing view profile: Default.
                  Lister 'from' terminal is .ANY
                  AutoKeep Display is ON
                  Code Coverage is OFF