I have noticed that data is missing from my SRM reports, how can I resolve this?

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Last Modified Date : 11/05/2018
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I have noticed that my Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) reports are missing days.  How can I further troubleshoot this?
Spectrum 10.x
Spectrum 10.1.x
Spectrum 10.2.x
Spectrum Report Manager
You can check on the OneClick server where Report Manager is installed and go into the folder $SPECROOT/mysql/data/reporting and search for any bucket files (*bucket*) as this would be report data that has been processed from the landscapes Archive Manager but has not yet entered in the mysql reporting database and therefore this data would be absent from your reports.
Upon finding *bucket* files in $SPECROOT/mysql/data/reporting that are more then 24 hours old the first step would be to restart the OneClick Spectrum Tomcat process, as a full tomcat restart will attempt to process bucket files.
In order to make sure that the bucket files are being processed, please check the dates of your oldest bucket files, as they are processed in order with the oldest being processed first.
If there is any doubt that after a tomcat restart and waiting approximately 30 minutes, you can enable debug from the OneClick Admin page, Administration tab, debugging, Webserver Debug Page (Runtime) and select the debugging according to the bucket files that are not processing for example:

Bucket files                          debug to enable
alarmbucket files                 SRM - Handler - Alarm
modelavailbucket files         SRM - Handler - Availability
genericbucket files              SRM - Handler - Generic Event
modelcreatedestroybucket  SRM - Handler - Model Create Destroy
ncmconfigbucket                  SRM - Handler - NCM Config

If the bucket files are still not processing, please open an issue with CA Spectrum support and include the tomcat.log from the OneClick server where SRM is installed.