I have multiple ERR24 messages and an ERR45 in the output from TMSPTRS.

Document ID : KB000027703
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ERR24 Unused DSNB xxxxxx is not in chain and chains thru DSNB yyyyyy

ERR45 TMSCTL#2 chains thru DSNB xxxxxx, nnnnnn DSNBs in chain

Figure 1


Any release of CA 1.


  • Invalid manual updates
  • System crashes
  • Abends
  • Other hardware/software errors


Using TMSUDSNB or the CA 1 ISPF panels you should rechain the unused DSNBs together by updating the NEXT field.  The ERR45 indicated that the last DSNB in the chain was 000149.  You need to update DSNB 149 to point to the first DSNB of an ERR24, in this case the one that starts with DSNB 99 and chains thru 158.  Then repeat this process until you add in the ERR24 that says it chains thru end of chain.  

This chart will help you understand the sequence of the updates.  After your updates are done, please run TMSPTRS again to show that all errors have been resolved.

If you choose you can also start the CTS task and use the internal task call APEC.  It does the same function as TMSPTRS but has the ability to make the updates to correct these errors for you.

Figure 2