I have lost my cspadmin password

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Last Modified Date : 12/06/2018
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cspadmin is used to manage the tenant console in Secure Cloud. It is a specific use case of CA SSO in that the adminui is protected by the cspadmin, belonging to the cacsp user directory. If the cspadmin password is lost then it is not possible to access the console
We have lost the cspadmin password. How can this be reset ?
Environment: Development Release : 1.58
There are several things we can try 

1. You can try to access the cacsp directory and change there the cspadmin password. To do that you will need the password for dsaadmin and log in from jxplorer or any other ldap browser and change the password for cspadmin 

2. You can try to check if in the properties.sh file there is an entry for the password (some trace for the old user's password, etc). 

4. If you have never ever changed your cspadmin or dsaadmin password (and this you can only know) and you have not changed the configuration of your directory server, where you have your tenants defined, you can go to /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver/data. Inside that there are some ldif files. One of them corresponds to the cacsp directory, and you can retrieve the dsaadmin password from that one, then retry to change the cspadmin password once you are logged in 

5. If all of this fails, then I am afraid the only possibility is resetting the siteminder password, then reprotecting the adminui like. However, bear in mind you will still need the directory password, so it may be of little use. Please contact support for a possible way to do that, but in many cases it may be necessary to reinstall the product