I have CA-Dynam T controlled tapes in the catalog which have a volume status of 'open, not closed'. What are these tapes and what should be done with them?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A volume status of 'open, not closed' will appear when a job abnormally terminates with an open tape dataset or when the system goes down unexpectedly with tape activity in progress.

If a job is currently active and a tape dataset is being written when the status is displayed, it will be 'open, not closed' unless the option to catalogue the tape at open time was taken.

Normally, no action need be taken for these tapes. They will be eligible for scratch after several hours.

Other Relevant Information

These tapes may be eligible for re-use by the same dataset which originally used the tape or may be eligible for scratch based on the settings for:

"Reuse Tapes Open for OUTPUT But Never Closed:        YES     (YES, NO)"
on screen CAYD-1212 (CA-DYNAM/T System Processing Details) and the values for
"Delete Protection for O/NC Tapes: 0 (0 - 9999 in hours)"
"Scratch Protection for O/NC Tapes: 8 (0 - 9999 in hours)" on screen CAYD-1214.

A CAISERV report will show these options as REUSE=, DELETEH and OPENH under Dynam T options (set by CACCDBU0).