I get message $HASP003 RC(34) LOAD(ACFJ2ITF) during the start of JES2. What is wrong with ACFJ2ITF? Are there release specific versions of ACFJ2ITF?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The $HASP003 message with RC(34) indicates:

34    MODULE VERSION IS INVALID, EXPECTED-ver_exp ACTUAL-ver_act          
      The module version in the module's module information table (MIT) does not match that in $HCT.
      See message $HASP875, RC=08 for more information. 

This means that the assembled load module, ACFJ2ITF, used JES2 macro libraries of a different version (release) of JES2 indicated by "ACTUAL" which are different than the running JES2 version (release) indicated by "EXPECTED."

This can happen when ACF2 is being installed for a new operating system (new version) using the current (running) operating system.



Ensure that the JES2 (and MVS) macro libraries specified in the SYSLIB DD concatenation in the ACFSMPE (JCL) procedure are pointing to the new JES2 and z/OS libraries. Often, this means that you may need to point to the specific volume(s) that contain these new operating system libraries.

If you have not accepted the ACF2 JES2 FMID, then you can APPLY REDO the ACF2 JES2 FMID. If already accepted (or as an alternative) you can run sample job JXBUMJ2 (in the ACF2 SAMPJCL library) which will APPLY usermod UMJ2999 that forces the reassembly of the ACF2 JES2 Interface modules.