I get message ACF0A005 RECORDS NOT FOUND when I issue a CHANGE command to add an entry to a GSO INFODIR record.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Following directions in CA-ACF2 Administrator Guide for adding a new resource type to the INFODIR record, I get ACF0A005 NO RECORDS FOUND error message. I enterered CHA INFODIR TYPES(R-Rxxx) ADD. What is wrong?


Check to see if there is an existing INFODIR record for the SYSID ACF2 is using.
Issue a SHOW SYSTEM command to see what the current SYSID is, then issue the ACF2 command:


This will show if there is an INFODIR record for that specific SYSID. If there is an existing INFODIR record for the current SYSID, then the CHANGE should work.
If there is no INFODIR for the current SYSID, check to see if there is a masked SYSID that would be a match.
If there is, and it doesn't already have the entry you were going to add, then specify that masked SYSID on the CHANGE command.
Ensure you specify ADD on the command to add the new entry. If there is no SYSID that would apply to the one in use, then change the command to INSERT. If you don't specify a SYSID on the command the INFODIR record will be inserted with the current active SYSID. If you prefer to use a masked SYSID, then you must specify the SYSID keyword on the INSERT command:


Note that only ONE INFODIR record will be used for each ACF2 system - and that will always be the most specific match of the current sysid - so great care must be taken.

After the record has been INSERTed or CHANGEd successfully, you must activate it by issuing


This command will activate the INFODIR record that is the best match for the sysid. If you want to activate a different sysid you must specify that sysid on the refresh command


If you have rules for the new resource type, you can then issue the


command to put the rules in common storage.