I do not see PDSMAN Objects at my CA Vantage Windows Client, the PDSMAN objects are not presented as shown in chapter 4 of the PDSMAN CA Vantage GMI User's Guide.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA PDSMAN Library Management CA Vantage GMI User Guide  Chapter 3 : Z/OS Host Connection / Executable Modules states:

To make the executable programs available to your CA Vantage host, concatenate the PDSMAN System Linklist library before the CA Vantage distributed load library on the STEPLIB DD statement in your CA Vantage host JCL procedure.

Additionally, what is not mentioned in the documentation is that if an OBJDEFS DD exists in the CA Vantage started task procedure the PDSMAN System Linklist library must also be added to that OBJDEFS DD statement.