I can not access my WASP / UMP. It was working but stopped what can I do to try and solve this?

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Last Modified Date : 24/10/2018
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My WASP / UMP is down. It was working fine but now I can not get a logon page.

What action can I take to try and correct this?




This is usually an environmental issue where something has caused a problem with the WASP/UMP either in memory or with a file it uses.

Examples of things that might lead to this situation:
  • upgrade of UMP to new version or Service pack
  • installation of antivirus or security software or definition
  • problem with the file system.
Suggest steps:
1) deactivate wasp
-if running < 8:31 deactivate dashboard_engine and dap
2) edit the wasp.cfg and set the loglevel = 3 and logsize = 15000. ( if they are not there in the <setup> section add them)
-if running < 8:31 edit the dap.cfg and dashboard_engine.cfg and set the loglevel = 3 and logsize = 15000.
( if they are not there in the <setup> section add them)
3) remove the current wasp.log and portal.log
-if running < 8:31 remove the dap.log and dashboard_engine.log
5) rename the  wasp\work folder to wasp\work_old
6) rename the wasp\webapps\root folder to wasp\webapps\root_old
7) rename the wasp\webapps\usm folder to wasp\webapps\usm_old
8) activate wasp and wait for a port and pid. ( It will take longer than usual as it is unpacking war files)
-if running < 8:31 activate dap then dashboard_engine BEFORE wasp, waiting for each to get a port and a pid before moving to the next one.
Test the UMP and make sure it is working.
NOTE: If all is working and you have made changes to the wasp\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes\portal-ext.properties file you will need to deactivate wasp and copy this back in from the backup of wasp\webapps\ROOT_old\WEB-INF\classes\portal-ext.properties
If it is not you will need to open a support case and provide the following:
1) UIM Server version?
2) UMP server version?
3) controller version on UMP?
4) upload the following to the case for support