I am trying to setup a Custom sqlserver probe Checkpoint but it is not alarming when I believe it should be. What can I check?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The sqlserver probe has the ability to setup custom checkpoints using SQL queries.
When setting the checkpoints up certain steps and condition need to be met.
Below are details steps and samples to setup an test a custom checkpoint.

Providing detailed steps on creating custom check point.


Steps to create a custom checkpoint:

1) In custom checkpoint, click on Query tab and then click on Edit/New button to test the connection.



2) Click OK->OK and then put query, click on Test button :




Note: You have to put at least one string type column in select clause for Row Identification else you won’t get the alarm e.g. in my query, I used ‘’ ( empty value – you can also use populated value e.g. ‘Row’ as PlaceHolder ).

3) Click Close and put below details in remaining fields. The row key is required to be able to generate Alarms.



When you are done with Query tab, make sure every field is populated as above.


4) Go to General tab, check "Activate" (for the QOS), click QOS List >> and create a QOS definition as below:

Pic 4.png

5) Next create a threshold rule as :




Use that in your profile with working connection and you will get the alarm if threshold is breached.


Note: Before applying the query in custom checkpoint, run that query on actual Sql Server which you are going to monitor through probe.