I am trying to find information about what the positional paramters on a TLBL mean. I have reviewed chapter 6, TLBL/DLBL Extensions and Form, of the User Guide. I would like to know what the 2 means // TLBL SYS001,'PROD.SORD.DUMP',,,,,,2

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There are positional parameters that can be placed on the TLBL. You can specify Retention, version, volume serial number, and tape processing options.


This is the layout of the TLBL:

// TLBL filename,'file-id',ret,volser,volseq,fileseq,gen,ver

// TLBL SYS001,'PROD.SORD.DUMP',,,,,,2

The 2 in the example is VER. This field is used to control various processing functions.

CA-Dynam/T numeric processing options. Place option codes here instead of within file-id if the file-id is too large or contains special symbols.

1 Rewind at CLOSE
2 Unload at CLOSE
4 Release at CLOSE
8 Hold logical unit assignment
16 Drop TLBL at CLOSE
32 No rewind at CLOSE
64 Alter filename at OPEN to SYS0nnn

Chapter 2 of the user guide explains the appropriate value for each positional parameter.