I am seeing the following error in the controller.log: "The next admin check time is too far into the future" What does this mean?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am seeing an error in the controller logs about the next admin check is too far in the future.
how can I trouble shoot this?

The controller log shows:

The next admin check time is too far into the future (xxx s)
This indicates that the clock has been changed and a robot restart is needed.

The controller then restarts resulting in the robot going up and down continuously.


Usually this is an indication that the time on the robot is being changed.
This could be due to a bad clock or a syncronization issue.
To look into this further you would need to collect 2 things from the customers robot:

1) a complete level 3 robot / controller log from start to the controller restarts
2) a file containing a time stamp every ten seconds from controller start to restart

And ensure that the timestamp in the output from the batch file is every 10 seconds and doesn't 'leak time' if it does then it could be a broken clock.

If it is a VM, then ensure you do not have time synchronization enabled on it.