I am receiving a Common Services for z/OS CAS9216E message - Invalid command - bad variable length or format when attempting to start CCI.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When I specify both the IP address AND a port number on the PROTOCOL statement of my CCI parms,

I receive a “CAS9216E - Invalid command - bad variable length or format when ENF attempts to start CCI.”


If I specify ONLY an IP address OR a port number, CCI starts successfully.







CA Common Services for z/OS r14.1 starting CCI from ENF

Netparm data on the GATEWAY, NODE, and PROTOCOL control options is restricted to 32 characters.  Specifying  both the IP address and port number exceeded that value.    








            ·        You can code only the IP address or the port number on the NETPARM statement to stay under the 32 character limit





·        If you have a need to include parms that are more than 32 characters, you can:


·        Update the parms directly in the PROC


·        Use the NODEDATA control option 

•   Use the NETPARM DD statement to define the quantity of characters that you require. 



Additional Information:

Refer to the netparm description found under the section labelled PROTOCOL(protocol,netparm,retry,sysid,maxru,start/stop) included within the CA Common Services Documentation wiki.