I am getting "loading interface errors" when trying to run Forest & Trees Developer. However, the application runs if I cancel the error. How can I resolve that error?

Document ID : KB000027697
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This error indicates that a CleverPath Forest & Trees interface (*.FXI file) failed to load because required external client software is not available (typically one or more DLL files). As a result, you cannot use the corresponding interface, but CleverPath Forest & Trees will operate normally in all other respects after you close the error message box. You can choose either to ignore the error, closing the error message box on every startup, or remove the error by doing any of the following:

  • If you want to use a listed interface, install the corresponding external client software, which will install the required files and make any necessary changes to your system setup. The next time you start CleverPath Forest & Trees, the interface will be loaded without error and you can use it. If the external software must be in the current path, you can add the ClientPath entry to the [Setup] section of the FTW.INI file.

  • If you do not want to use a listed interface, note the folder and file name of the corresponding interface file listed in the error message box. Delete the corresponding interface file. The next time you start CleverPath Forest & Trees, it will not try to load that interface. (If you ever want to use the interface later, you can re-install it by running the CleverPath Forest & Trees setup and selecting only the interface you want-or instead of deleting the interface file now, you can rename it, and later restore its original name when you are ready to use it.)

  • If you just want to suppress the error dialog without fixing the underlying problem You can do either of the following:

    Add SilentStartup=Yes to the [Options] section of the FTW.INI file.

    Start CleverPath Forest & Trees with a command line that specifies the -Q parameter, which indicates Quiet operation-for example:

    "C:\program files\ftw\ftw.exe" -Q

    Report System Errors on Startup Directs the operating system to display individual message boxes identifying each additional file required by an interface the next time CleverPath Forest & Trees is started.


This error dialog will never appear when CleverPath Forest & Trees is run inside a web browser or when it is started by an external application running CleverPath Forest & Trees as an OLE Automation Server since in both cases CleverPath Forest & Trees automatically starts up in silent or quiet mode.