I am getting error DC001003 TASK STALLED WAITING FOR ECEECB. What causes a wait on ECEECB?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A task fails with the following error message: 

DC001003 Vnn Tnnn TASK:xxxxxxxx PROG:xxxxxxxx STALLED WAITING FOR ECEECB AT nnnnnnnn

What causes a wait on ECEECB?


A wait on ECEECB means a CA IDMS enqueue has been issued on a resource which is being held by another task. The enqueue is done with a #ENQ macro or ENQUEUE DML statement. The resource is then freed with a #DEQ macro or DEQUEUE statement. When using ENQUEUE/DEQUEUE there's the possibility that if the task that has the enqueue begins to wait or has some type of delay, others will be prevented from accessing that resource. This can lead to tasks stalling or deadlocking.