I am getting a violation for an invalid GDG number in ACF2 violation message ACF99913

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am getting a dataset violation:

ACF99913 ACF2 VIOLATION-08,06, lid,,xxxx.xxxx.G0000V00 but G0000V00 is not a valid GDG number and not the real GDS in the dataset name accessed by the user.


SMS managed datasets are validated during initialization.
So all the SMS datasets are validated at init time whether they are opened or not.

So if a dataset is a new GDG entry i.e. +1, SMS does a RACDEF for an allocation. Since the GDS is technically not created till the dataset is actually created during open, IBM uses the generic G0000V00 as the GDG name.

IBM explained the following:
For SMS GDS's the data set is cataloged in a Deferred Roll-In status at allocation time. This means that the fully qualified GDG name (i.e., with the absolute (G0000V00) generation number) is placed in the catalog, but the GDG index entry is not updated with that information.

GDS = Generation Data Set: An individual data set within a GDG.  GDSs can be referred to by their relative or absolute generation numbers
GDG = Generation Data Group: An entire collection of individual Generation Data Sets. A GDG is referred to by its group name