I am getting a security error on the YSVCCOND when running SYNCSORT.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running a SYNCSORT or SORT job it abends with a security error trying to access either YSVCUNCD or YSVCCOND?


Any release of CA 1.


In your options for CA 1 you have YSVC set to YES.  This causes CA 1 to issue a security check for YSVCUNCD READ when SYNCSORT or SORT requests to read the TMC to obtain information about the size of the file.


SYNCSORT and SORT will attempt to read the TMC before starting the sort of the data that is stored on the tape. If you have YSVC set to YES in TMOOPT00 then you will need to permit READ access to our YSVCCOND or YSVCUNCD resource for USERID that is associated with the job.  The difference between YSVCUNCD and YSVCCOND is if you have access to YSVCUNCD you are allowed to READ the TMC without having actual security to READ the tape.  If you give YSVCUNCD NONE, YSVCCOND READ we will make 3 security calls before the sort program is allowed to continue.  These would be YSVCUNCD READ, YSVCCOND READ, DSN READ.  There would also be another DSN READ check as you open the tape.  

 A workaround until you can get the security rules written would be to set YSVC to NO.  This is not the recommended solution for the long term.