I am getting a S213-70 abend after upgrading my load library to a pdse.

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Last Modified Date : 16/03/2018
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A S213-70 or S213-74 may occur when using PDS/E libraries at various points in Endevor processing, but usually within a processor.

An error occurred during the processing of an OPEN macro instruction for a data set on a direct access device.
This is probably a user error.

Explanations of the hexadecimal return codes follow. 
70 = OPEN detected a cross-system share conflict for the PDSE.  
74 = OPEN detected a member share option conflict for the PDSE. 

For the S213-70, it is usually caused by having the PDSESHARING (NORMAL) option active.
This abend can be cured by using PDSESHARING (EXTENDED). If for some reason this option cannot be used, then reverting to using a PDS library is the only way around the abend.

For the S213-74, the abend is caused when PDSESHARING (EXTENDED) is being used and a second open request for the same dataset is encountered, with DISP=SHR being used.
If the first request is an update-in-place, instead of putting the second request in a wait state, a S213-74 is issued to abend the second open request.

By coding DISP=OLD on all PDS/E datasets in a processor, we will allocate the files with DISP=SHR and issue exclusive queues for each request, which will ensure that Endevor updates to these PDS/E datasets are serialized, thus avoiding the S213-74 abends.