HSRP Router Redundancy alarm in CA Spectrum after HSRP interfaces on primary and secondary routers are configured to be in the shutdown state

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Last Modified Date : 24/04/2019
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After shutting down HSRP interfaces on both the primary and secondary routers, CA Spectrum is asserting "Router Redundancy Lost" alarms:


MajorNov 13, 2014 2:25:28 AM CST192.168.2.2Router Redundancy Lost - The HSRP group with virtual IP address has lost all its fail over routers causing redundancy to be lost for this virtual IP.System0xc4007902CiscoHSRPVDevNov 13, 2014 4:42:20 AM CSTspectrum@SpectroSERVER



The interface(s) in question are still configured interfaces on the device but are in the "shutdown" state. Although shut down, it is still a configured interface on the device and the mibs will still reflect it as a configured interface.

interface Vlan1

 description interface

 ip address

 ip access-group interface out

 ip helper-address


 standby 1 ip


The best solution is to remove the configuration for the interface from the device configuration. As a work around, set the HSRPMode attribute 0x21174f to Off or Passive on the associated CiscoHSRPApp model should stop Spectrum from polling every poll cycle:


The HSRP table is not polled.


The HSRP table is polled once at the activation. Otherwise, CA Spectrum relies on updates from traps to update this information.


The HSRP table is polled every poll interval in addition to the passive processing.