HOWTO: Preventing Jobs from state FAULT_OTHER

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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HOWTO: Preventing Jobs from state FAULT_OTHER


Aparticular job did not run and its not shown in activities windows. Inactivities windows it got the status "FAULT_OTHER"


Aserious problem is the case when jobs do not start and get the statusFAULT_OTHER (1820) because they do not appear in acivities windows and you arenot able to determine unless looking at the statistics at every job seperately.
This is caused of the fact that the job did not even start.


For business critical jobs it would be necessary to run asecond job for surveillance purposes as watchdog job.

The following script determines if the last run of the job named "
JOBS.WIN.FAULT_OTHER"got status "FAULT_OTHER" and re-runs the job again if necessary.
For periodical jobs it would be necessary to run the watchdog script alsoperiodical because it checks the status of the job only once!


:p "RUNID: &RUNID#  ended with STATUS: &STATUS# "

:if &STATUS# = 1820
! restart job or start a notification process here (in this example the job is being restarted)
:   set &RET# = activate_uc_object(JOBS.WIN.FAULT_OTHER)
:   set &RET2# = activate_uc_object(CALL.ALARM.FAULT.OTHER)
:   Print "RUNID new run: &RET#"