How-To: Point ENTM to a new database location after database migration.

Document ID : KB000009754
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When migrating the ENTM database to a new server it is important to change the ENTM configuration so that it can find the new database server.

Please note: These instructions assume that the database has already been migrated. Instruction on the migration of the actual database is beyond the scope of CA support. For assistance migrating the database, please contact your DBA.

  1. Browse to the JBoss deploy folder: /<your JBoss Directory>/server/default/deploy
  2. Open each of the following files for editing 
    • Imauditdb-ds.xml
    • Imquartzdb-ds.xml
    • Imtaskpersistencedb-ds.xml
    • Imworkflowdb-ds.xml
    • Objectstore-ds.xml
    • Reportsnapshot-ds.xml
    • userstore-ds.xml
  3. In each of the XML files above, look for the following line and update it to the new host name and database name:
    • <connection-url>jdbc:sqlserver://HOSTNAME.DOMAIN.COM:1433;selectMethod=cursor;DatabaseName=DBNAME</connection-url>
  4. Restart JBoss after modifying the files.
Additional Information:

If you decide to change the login information, you would follow the section of our Implementation Guide below to change the RDBMS password: