How do you add a new alarm message for the vmware probe when Bulk Deployment is in use?

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Last Modified Date : 02/05/2018
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How can new alarm messages be added to the vmware probe when Bulk Deployment is in use ?
Having added the message to the vmware.cfg or via Raw Configure, you will now need to edit the probe template definitions.

e.g. If you add the following to the vmware.cfg 

        token = monitor_error
        msn_err = An event is received: ($value) - $info
        msn_ok = OK
        sev = 4
        subsystem = 2.7.6
        name = EventMajor

then you will also need to make the following changes in \Nimsoft\probes\application\vmware\ 

1. Deactivate the vmware probe 
2. In the the probe folder, navigate to the vmware\templateDefinitions folder and extract the file. 
3. Rename the to something else. 
4. In the extracted folder edit the vmware_6.87.json file using Notepad and search for an existing message key like EventWarning 
5. Add your custom message in the same format as the EventWarning message is present. 
For example: 
, { 
"icon" : "alarm_major_15", 
"key" : "EventMajor", 
"label" : "EventMajor " 

6. Save the file and zip the folder back up to 
7. Rename or delete the expanded templateDefinitions folder. 
8. Activate the probe and check/confirm that the message is now seen.