How to write an Activity Log entry that shows Statuses other than "Open" at the time of ticket creation?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Generally if we change a Status from "Open" to another before saving a new ticket, only "Initial" Activity Log is written, i.e. The status change "Update Status" is not logged. Is there a way to add an Activity Log that says a new Incident is created with a Status other than "Open"?


In order to add the Activity Log, there are 3 options as per below.


Option 1. Use Activity menu

If you change the Status from "Open" to another from Activities, Status menu,  "Update Status" Activity Log will be added even though the change is made before saving the new ticket. 


Option 2. Use Event and Macro

If you create a new Macro and an Event that fires when the Status is changed from NULL to another status other than "Open", and attach it to the ticket, Event Occurring Activity Log will be written. However, we do not recommend to attach the event to all tickets because it may affect to performance of Service Desk Manager.  

You can create  the Macro and the Event as per below.

  1. Go to 'Events and Macros,'  'Macros' on Activities tab and click on "Create New" button.


  2. Type a name of the Macro in 'Symbol' field. Select "Request/Incident/Problem" from 'Object Type' drop down list and select "Site-defined Condition" from 'Macro Type' drop down list. Click "Continue" button.


  3. Click "Save." After saving the Macro, Add Condition becomes clickable.  Click "Add Condition" button.

  4. Create New Atomic Condition screen opens. Create 2 Conditions as shown below.

    Sequence: 10
    Select an Attribute: Status Previous
    Choose Operator: Empty/Null

    Sequence: 20
    Select an Attribute: Status
    Choose Operator: Does not Equal
    Data Value: Open

    It can look like:



    Close the Condition Macro screen.

  5. Go to 'Events and Macros,' 'Events' on Activities tab and click on "Create New" button.

  6. Type Event Name in the 'Name' field and select "Request/Incident/Problem" from 'Object Type' drop down list.

  7. Set other fields on "Configuration Information" tab as shown below.

    Delay Time: 00:00:10
    Allow time resetting: Yes
    Condition: (Specify the Site-Defined Condition Macro created on the above step 5.)



  8. On Action Information tab, click on Update Actions on Macro, and then Search button.

  9. Select "Add an Activity Log" and click ">>" button. Click OK.


  10. Save it.

  11. Attach the created Event to a Service Type, Request Area, or another object so it is attached to a ticket automatically when it is created.