How to verify if a transaction was authenticated via OTP or Not

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Last Modified Date : 30/08/2018
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This document provides steps to determine if a transaction performed by a customer was authenticated using an OTP or not.
How to verify if a transaction was authenticated via OTP or Not?
CA Transaction Manager Admin Console 
Login to CA Transaction Manager Admin Console.
CA Transaction Manager Login Console
  • Select Cardholder Account Inquiry.
Cardholder details
  • Submit the card number (or) proxy pan to get the exact time stamp of a transaction.
Card proxy pan
  • Click on None/Name under card holder name column to see the list of latest transactions done with the respective card.
Verify The Transacations Time
  • Click on Transaction report by card number and enter the card number/proxy pan, choose the duration
Transactions By Card Number
  • Check for the below in call out status and verify password Request Time
Callout StatussXtridentXX::[L]:s5trident96::OTP_SENT_SUCCESS[requestID:NET_362008702667-bankTxnId:17XXXXX14-Status:1-RefNo:5355362008702667-txnRefNo:173XXXXX14--mobNo:9177xxxxxx67][TXN_ID:5355XXXXXX2667]:sXtridentXX::OTP[s]
Verify Password Request Time
2018-08-29 09:50:20 AM GMT
Verify Password Status
If we are able see the verify Request Time is recorded that means cardholder has entered OTP and submitted for verification.