How to use variables in logmon

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This is a simple example for reference and very useful when you're trying to leverage the use of variables in logmon for alarm messages, with the most relevant data.

- logmon v3.91 or higher

Use of variables in the logmon alarms:

Basically you just need to examine the file/log, identify the column positions where you want to grab values then create variables with a corresponding name, e.g., version for version information. Then define the variable for example:





Then choose a field separator or leave as whitespace (the default).

Then the variable will be available for the Watcher rule->"Message to send on match" when you type in a dollar sign ($). The variable will be available for use in the messages,e.g., $Version. But as you know they can be pre-configured anyway in the raw config file if you know what you want ahead of time.

Just in case....file formatting is different:

The logmon probe is currently not capable of reading multiple formats within a single file. The probe is not designed to handle non-ASCII characters, the logfile could have in one file.

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Supported Locales:
For logmon version 3.42 and later, the probe supports the following encoding files for various locales:

Note: Localization is supported only on Windows and Linux systems.

Important! Do not use the Raw Configuration GUI when the probe is deployed in a non-English locale.

Encoding Name
UTF-8 Unicode (UTF-8)
UTF-16BE UnicodeBigUnmarked
UTF-16LE UnicodeLittleUnmarked
Shift_JIS Japanese (Shift-JIS)
ISO-2022-JP Japanese (JIS)
ISO-2022-CN Chinese(ISO)
ISO-2022-KR Korean (ISO)
GB18030 Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
GB2312 Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
Big5 Chinese Traditional (Big5)
EUC-JP Japanese (EUC)
EUC-KR Korean (EUC)
ISO-8859-1 Western European (ISO)
ISO-8859-2 Central European (ISO)
windows-1250 Central European (Windows)
windows-1252 Western European (Windows)

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