How to use the "Booking OBS" Functionality for a Role

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to use the "Booking OBS" Functionality


Booking OBS is used for Roles to route a requisition to the appropriate Booking Manager.

For example, you have an OBS structure broken out by geographical areas (states). And you have Roles for the different job titles. On the Role Booking OBS tab, you setup the different OBS nodes and assign a Booking Manager. Then, on the Staff Team Member Properties ? when you add the Role, you then assign a Staffing OBS that maps to the geographical area where you want that role to be filled. So you could have 4 DBA roles on the Team and you want one from New York, one from Florida, one from Arizona and one from Maine. For each of those DBA roles, you pick the Staffing OBS Unit for each state.

     Team Roles with Staff OBS Units       

Then, when you create and open a Requisition for that role, it automatically gets assigned to the Booking Manager that you defined on the Role under the 'Booking OBS' tab. The 'Booking OBS' Tab only appears on a Role page layout. The user is allowed to 'map' multiple OBS Units.  Only one Booking Manager can be associated with a specific OBS Unit on the Role Booking OBS tab.  If you attempt to add another Booking Manager for an OBS Unit that already has a mapping defined, the mapping is updated with the new Booking Manager selected.  

      Role Booking OBS Managers