How to use Sapwalk2

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Last Modified Date : 20/03/2019
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Sometimes, when there are problems identified with a particular device's metrics as seen in CA Spectrum, CA eHealth or CA PM, it is necessary for CA support to simulate this device so as to try to replicate the problem. Sapwalk2 is a utility that takes a snapshot of the device by running an SNMP GETNEXT query on it. This will enable CA Support to load the simulation in a lab environment, then discover and model it in Spectrum (or eHealth or CA PM) and view the values that are contained on the device while simulating its response.


How do we get and use Sapwalk2?


We have a Windows, Solaris, and Linux version of the Sapwalk2 utility.  It ships with Spectrum 10.2 and greater (located in the $SPECROOT/bin directory).

If you are on a version prior to 10.2, please contact CA support. The usage can be found by just running sapwalk2.  However a recommended usage is as follows to start at OID 1 and include the Bridge Table:

sapwalk2.exe -i <ip address> -v <snmp version> -s <starting oid> -p <port> -c <community name> -xv <bridge table> -t <timeout> -r <retries> -d <throttle_delay> -o <output file>

For example:

sapwalk2.exe -i XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -v v1 -s 1 -c public -xv -t 3000 -r 3 -d 50 -o device_mib.walk

Another example, using SNMP v3;

sapwalk2 -i XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -v v3 -s 1 -u AuthPrivUser -l AP -xt MD5 -xa authpassword -xp privpassword –xe DES -xv -t 3000 -o device_mib.walk


  • -i is the IP address
  • -u is user name                   = <Your_SNMP_v3_user>
  • -l is Authentication Type         = nAnP/AnP/AP (no Authentication No Privacy/ Authentication No Privacy/ Authentication with Privacy)
  • -xt is encryption Type            = MD5/SHA
  • -xa is authentication password    = <Your_SNMP_v3_authen_password>
  • -xp is privacy password           = <Your_SNMP_v3_privacy_Password>
  • -xe is privacy protocol           = DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256
Additional Information:

Note: You need the later versions (2.1x) to enable the -xe (privacy protocol) flag. Spectrum 10.2 and greater ships with this version. It is also located under and listed as;

  • sapwalk2_aes_32bit_linux.gz
  • sapwalk2_aes_64bit_linux.gz
  • sapwalk2_aes_solaris.gz