How to use REST API to perform an NCM capture on demand

Document ID : KB000116288
Last Modified Date : 28/09/2018
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How can I use REST API to start an NCM capture on demand?
When I try to run the command as:

The result that I get back is:
Internal Error: Must add unpack for type


Spectrum 10.2.x
Spectrum 10.1.x


The error message is benign and can be safely ignored. The device capture should have run and if successful, your NCM captures or verified time should be updated.
The cause of the error message is because we get the response attribute type other than OctetString/Counter/String/Integer.
This error message has been removed with patch 10.02.03.D441 which requires 10.2.3 with BMP 301 to be installed as a prerequisite.
This problem is scheduled to be fixed in Spectrum 10.3.1.