How to use Port 2124 on a different Interface than the default eth0.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Appliance API Gateway versions have by default, the inter-node communication configured on Interface eth0 and Port 2124.

This cannot be re-configured to another Interface without loosing the inter-node functionality.


If your Business requires the inter-node communication on another Interface then eth0 then you might use the following workaround:


Set this new line into the /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/etc/profile.d/ on each Node of the cluster

default_java_opts="$default_java_opts -Dcom.l7tech.cluster.ipAddress=" 


With this new line you enter the "com.l7tech.cluster.ipAddress" Java system property to specify the address of the alternate interface (after specifying that interface in the transport listening ports in the Policy Manager UI).



Additional Information:

If you choose to set this, it will write the value to the database cluster_info table.

Should you ever want to UNSET this value, you can't just remove it from the config file. You must set it back to the IP address used by eth0.

Start the ssg, let it write the value to the cluster_info table, and then you can remove the line from the config file.