How to use Policy Xpress to set random user passwords during a bulk upload

Document ID : KB000012996
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can Policy Xpress be used to generate random user passwords, and set them on users during a bulk upload via the Bulk Loader task or the Bulk Load Client?


1. Create a PX policy of type UI - this is needed when working with user passwords.

2. On the Events tab, configure the policy to run on "Set subject" for the desired event, e.g. "Reset User Password", so that all required values are set when submitting the task.

3. Add a Data element to generate an 8-character random string as a data element, with Category=General, Type=Random Value Generator, and Function=Random String.  Configure the required Length of the string in the data element.

4. Add an Action Rule which sets the value of the Data element for userPassword and |passwordConfirm| in the policy action.

5. Do not include the userPassword and |passwordConfirm| attributes in the input file as the PX policy will handle adding them.