How to use pdm_ldap_test command to test the LDAP options prior to installing them via the Options Manager in CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

Document ID : KB000027407
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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To install/enable LDAP integration in CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM), required LDAP values need to be supplied to various options followed by recycling CA SDM to make the options effective. Any error made in any LDAP option would require a correction of the value followed by recycling CA SDM again.

This document presents a method of testing the LDAP options to be used prior to actually installing them into CA SDM via Options Manager. Once it is confirmed that the LDAP options are correct, they can be added to CA SDM knowing that they will work the first time.


Note: In order to use pdm_ldap_test, the option 'ldap_enable' must be installed in Options Manager. If this option is not installed, please install it and then recycle CA SDM.

The method of testing LDAP integration is via the "pdm_ldap_test" executable via a command prompt on the CA SDM server.

"pdm_ldap_test" accepts parameters as follows:

 -h host_name[:port]
 -d dn
 -p dn password
 -s search base
 -o object class
-f filter
-t timeout
-a attribute
-r show root properties
-? show all option

An example "pdm_ldap_test" execution would look something like the following:

 pdm_ldap_test -h "<ldap_host>:<ldap port>"
  -d "CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=Unicenter,DC=Service,DC=Desk"
-p "xxxx"
-s "DC= Unicenter,DC=Service,DC=Desk"
-o "person"

In the above example, the following explanation of the parameters applies:

  1. -h "<ldap_host>:<ldap_port>"

    1. <ldap_host> is the LDAP Server hostname or IP address

    2. <ldap_port> is the LDAP Server port number (default 389)

  2. -d "CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=Unicenter, DC=ServicePlus,DC=ServiceDesk"

    1. The LDAP Server logon distinguished name

  3. -p "xxxx"

    1. The LDAP Server logon distinguished name password

  4. -s "DC=Unicenter,DC=ServicePlus,DC=ServiceDesk"

    1. The LDAP Server search base

  5. -o "person"

    1. The LDAP Server User Object Class

Note: The full list of parameters available with "pdm_ldap_test" can be obtained by specifying the '-?' flag (i.e. pdm_ldap_test -?)

Once a successful run of "pdm_ldap_test" is completed, then the LDAP parameters used can be added to the relevant CA SDM LDAP option. The parameter values above are entered into the Option Manger equivalent option as defined in the following table:

-hldap_host and ldap_port respectively