How to use 'NODE.REMOTE' and 'WRITER' when printing or reprinting reports and bundles?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document will discuss how to use the node.remote format in the destination field.


CA View and CA Deliver can add a destination and/or writer field to the Sysout DD statement which will contain the report. Neither product can allocate an Output statement to support a destination in the form of 'node.remote' along with a writer field.

In standard JCL, the following is a JCL error:

//ddname DD SYSOUT=(*,writer),DEST=(node.remote)

The sample JCL used to show that a report was received at a node with the correct remote id used an Output statement, such as:

//outputname OUTPUT DEST=node.remote
//ddname DD SYSOUT=(*,writer), OUTPUT=*.outputname

Although this does work in JCL, this in not the way CA View and CA Deliver work. They both use a dynamically created Sysout DD Statement where the coding of writer and a 'node.remote' are mutually exclusive and would cause a JCL error if allowed. CA View and CA Deliver have code to prevent an invalid combination of variables. The coding of a writer field would prevent View from allocating the remote variable.

The use of 'node.remote' is okay to use if the writer field is not also coded.

Both of the below examples are supported by CA View and CA Deliver:

//ddname DD SYSOUT=(*,writer),DEST=node
//ddname DD SYSOUT=*,DEST=(node.remote)