How to use Managed Surveys in Service Desk Manager

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document details examples of how to use Managed Surveys with Service Desk Manager ("SDM"). You may ask, "What are Managed Surveys"; the following extract from the Service Desk Administrator Guide explains:

"The Managed Survey lets the Service Desk administrator select a desired survey sample population and match it to a specific survey. The administrator can then distribute targeted requests for respondents to take the survey at a specific time.

This gives the administrator the flexibility of creating open survey periods, while maintaining the ability to have activity- and category-based surveys related to Requests, Change Orders, and Issues.

The purpose of Managed Surveys is to provide a mechanism for managing surveys. This function can be useful when for survey forms that need to be monitored from time to time (for example, surveys only used during a short period every year or surveys that have been offline too long)."


The following presents examples of actually using Managed Surveys.

The first step is to create a new survey.

Log into SDM with an Administrator account and access the Administration tab. From there go to Service Desk->Surveys->Survey Templates and then click on the "create new" button.

Fill out the form and click on the "save" button:

Figure 1

Once a survey exists, a managed survey can be created based on it.

From Administration->Service Desk->managed surveys->managed survey list, click on "create new" button and fill out the fields and then click on "Survey*" link:

Figure 2

The survey search/selection page is displayed. Select the survey previously created:

Figure 3

Once we select the associated survey and click on the "save" button, the creation of the managed survey is done.

At this point, the managed survey exists but is not in use; the following discusses usage.

Use the "Initial Message" and "Reminder Message" tabs to send out a managed survey. There are 5 tabs in managed survey detail page for this purpose:

Initial Message
Reminder Message

The first three tabs will enable us to enter details of the recipient of the survey, whilst the last two tabs allow for the message to be sent.

With the above in mind, it is expected that something be entered in at least one of the first three tabs and something in at least one of the last two.

For example, in edit mode under "Initial Message", we can enter the info as follows:

Figure 4

Please notice button "Send Initial Notification" appears after enter these fields and click on "save" button:

Figure 5

Now clicking on the "Send Initial Notification" button will send the survey notification according to the Objects, Contacts and Types tab infomation. Similarly, we can use "Reminder Message" tab to send reminder notifications.

Another use of managed surveys is via Events, used to control when a survey will be sent.

From the managed survey detail page, clicking on the "Attach Event" button will bring up the event search/select page":

Figure 6

Now click on the "Create new" button to create a new event for the managed survey:

Figure 7

Now it is possible to choose the event and then save the managed survey.

Notice that at this point, there is no action in the event so it will be necessary to go back to the main page and select the event from the event list to update the actions:

Figure 8

Click on "Update Actions on True", and do a search we will see

Figure 9

This way, it is possible to choose what actions will be taken when the condition is true.

Also, here is where a condition can be set that will need to meet for the action to be performed; or if required a condition that is not true for the action to be performed.


Please note: Some of the images in this document may be based on an earlier release of Service Desk Manager, the functionality remains the same.