How to use CA SystemEDGE utilites to test if a machine can send traps using edgetrapmon and sendtrap.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How do I use CA SystemEDGE utilites to test if a machine can send traps using edgetrapmon and sendtrap?




In the bin directory of a CA SystemEDGE installation there are two commands that can be very useful when checking for connectivity between two servers. 

NOTE: This check would only be for trap activity on port 162.

The commands are titled sendtrap and xtrapmon. They can be found in:


     C:\Program Files\CA\SystemEDGE\bin




How to check connectivity: 


1)  Move the edgetrapmon command from the SystemEDGE server to a temp (/tmp) directory on the destination server


2)  On the destination server stop all other trap receiving applications using port 162


3)  From a command prompt on the destination server, launch the edgetrapmon command:

     C:\temp> edgetrapmon


NOTE: UNIX users need to execute the command as root user.

The command will not return to a command prompt as it is waiting for traps to arrive. Once a trap arrives, it will be displayed in the same command prompt.


4)  From the SystemEDGE server execute the following sendtrap command:


C:\Program Files\CA\SystemEDGE\bin>sendtrap -v 1 -h <hostname>  -c admin 6 1023 -i 42 -s "str"



/opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin/sendtrap -v 1 -h <hostname>  -c admin 6 1023 -i 42 -s "str"

This command will also not return to a command prompt you must send a SIGABRT.


If connectivity is present between the two servers, a trap like the following will be seen in the command prompt of the destination server:

C:\Program Files\CA\SystemEDGE\bin>edgetrapmon

edgetrapmon: Copyright (C) 2015 CA

edgetrapmon: SNMPv3 configuration file 'C:\Users\Public\CA\SystemEDGE\\port1691\' succesfully loaded.

edgetrapmon: Listening for SNMP traps on port 162 ...


Trap Number: 1

        Time:           Fri Feb 05 13:39:42 2016

        Community:      admin

        Agent Address:  0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001


        Trap Type:      Vendor Specific

        Specific Trap:  1023

        Object: Value:42

        Object: Value:str


Additional Information:

More information on the sendtrap command can be found in the SystemEDGE User Guide.