How to upload PTFs from your PC to a PDS member on the mainframe?

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Last Modified Date : 17/08/2018
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How do you upload the PTF files from your PC to a PDS member on your mainframe? 



1. Go into TSO and allocate a PDS with LRECL=80 


 2. Determine the lpar name for your mainframe so we can ftp to it from the DOS prompt.  

(If you do not know the hostname for your lpar from the

TSO Ready Prompt type: HOMETEST 

See message: "EZA0602I TCP Host Name is: host-name


    * Take note of the host-name you find.

3.  Open a DOS Prompt on your PC. (From the Windows START menu, type CMD <enter>)

4.  Change into the directory where the PTFs reside.


5. Please delete any file in the directory that is not a *.BIN file prefixed by the PTF number.  

    Type: DIR to see the directory contents:


6. To upload each *.BIN file as a member to the PDS we have to rename of all of the PTF.BIN files to remove the .BIN exention.

 To rename all of the files without the .BIN type the command:  rename *.bin *. 

Then type DIR to display the directory contents and you will see the PTF file names without the .BIN extension. 



7. Now we are ready to ftp to your mainframe lpar and upload each PTF as a member to the PDS you allocated in Step 1.


1. Open a DOS Prompt, by clicking on the Windows Start Box type: CMD <enter>

2. Change into the PC directory where the PTFs reside.


3. At the DOS Prompt while current in the directory where the PTFs reside, type the following commands:

ftp host-name               (where host-name = your mainframe lpar host-name noted in Step 1.)  


4. When prompted enter your TSO userid and password 

5. Set the PDS you allocated to receive the PTFs into as your "Working" directory

   For example:         cd ''  

    Upon hitting enter you should receive the message:

        250 The working directory "" is a partitioned data set

 4. Type BIN <enter>

 5. Type PROMPT <enter>  

 6. Type: mput * '*)'          

    Upon hitting <enter> you will see each PTF file on the PC be uploaded as a PDS member.

7. After all the PC files have been uploaded as members to the PDS at the 

           ftp prompt type: QUIT to be returned to the DOS PROMPT.

           At the DOS prompt: type EXIT 

8. Signon to TSO 3.4 and browse the PDS dataset and you will see all of the  PTF members.

9. To ADD the PTFs from the PDS to CA CSM as EXTERNAL MAINTENANCE, please see 

Document ID: TEC1509294


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