How to upgrade CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Apache Tomcat to 7.0.42.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to upgrade CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Apache Tomcat to 7.0.42 to address security vulnerabilities with previous versions of Apache Tomcat


  1. If not already done, apply CABI SP6 following TEC592444. This will automatically upgrade the existing Tomcat 5.5 web server to Tomcat 7.0.27.

  2. Take a backup/snapshot of the CABI server and CMS database.

  3. Download the following file and place on the CABI server

  4. Stop the CABI's Apache Tomcat service via the Central Configuration Manager

    Figure 1

  5. Rename the existing tomcat installation directory '<Install Dir> CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7' to Tomcat7_Original

  6. Extract the contents of the ZIP file downloaded in Step #3 above to the '<Install Dir>CA\SC\CommonReporting3' directory. This will create a directory called 'apache-tomcat-7.0.47'

  7. Rename 'apache-tomcat-7.0.47' directory to Tomcat7

  8. Copy the following two (2) files from the '<Install Dir> CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7_Original\bin' directory to the '<Install Dir> CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7\bin' directory


  9. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory '<Install Dir>\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\deployment'. Run the following command:

    wdeploy tomcat7 deployall

    Please note that this will take a few minutes to complete.

    A BUILD SUCCESSFUL message will appear once deployment of all the Tomcat WAR files is successful.

  10. Copy the file '<Install Dir>\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7_Original\webapps\OpenDocument\WEB-INF\web.xml' to the '<Install Dir>\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7\webapps\OpenDocument\WEB-INF ' directory

  11. Optional Step - Needed only if you have changed default CABI Tomcat ports

    Copy the file '<Install Dir>\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7_Original\conf\server.xml' to '<Install Dir>\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7\conf' directory

  12. Optional Step - Needed only if you have changed default CABI Tomcat web.xml

    Copy the file '<Install Dir>\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7_Original\conf\web.xml' to '<Install Dir>\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat55\conf' directory

  13. Restart the CABI Apache Tomcat Service via the Central Configuration Manager.

  14. After waiting a few minutes for Tomcat to fully initialize, test CABI web interfaces (i.e. Infoview and Central Management Console) and CABI reports.