How to update an expired SalesForce Endpoint Administrator Password

Document ID : KB000047239
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The service account password for Endpoint type Salesforce expired and now when we try to open the properties of the endpoint we are unable to view the Endpoint dialogue screen in either Identity Manager UI or Provisioning Manager




Identity Manager 12.6 SPx

Identity Manager 12.5 SPx / SCDF Endpoint defined




Password has changed on the endpoint side and now needs to be updated in Identity Manager




We would need to connect to the Provisioning Directory (using an LDAP browser) and modify the password directly in the Provisioning repository.
To connect to the password repository we have to use an LDAP browser with the following parameters:

Host: Provisioning Repository DSA Hostname
Port: 20394
BaseDN: dc=etadb
BindDN: eTDSAContainerName=DSAs,eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects,dc=etadb
Password: Provisioning Repository Shared Secret (defined during installation)
Then browse to the Salesforce section (eTNamespaceName=Salesforce,dc=im,dc=etadb) and find your endpoint.
Here we have two options:
1. The first option is to update the password directly in clear text in the provisioning directory. Then use Provisioning Manager to re-enter the same password so it is stored, Encrypted, in the directory
2. The second option is, Using Identity Manager UI / Provisioning Manager, define an additional Salesforce endpoint with the correct password. Once defined obtain the (correct) encrypted value from the newly defined Salesforce (using the LDAP browser procedure) and apply it in the original Salesforce endpoint which requires a password update.