How To Unlock Portal 4.x Login Account

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Last Modified Date : 16/05/2018
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My Portal 4.x account is locked out as the result of too many failed login attempts.
I receive the following error trying to login to the Portal interface: 'The specified username or password was invalid'
How can I unlock it?
To be certain that your portal account is locked out you can login directly to the Portal server and run the
following command to look at the portal_authenticator logs to see what is occurring during the login attempt:

# sudo docker service logs -f portal_authenticator

Attempt to login again and you will see a message similar to the following if the account is locked:

The current state of user: xxxxx is LOCKED

If you wish to unlock the account in question we will first need to obtain the
portal_portaldb container id which we can obtain by running the following:

# sudo docker ps | grep portal_portaldb

de08f5363d9e                      "/usr/local/bin/en..."                                                                       portal_portaldb.1.fi8qmu2izlrhaxtyi6h0phxe6

We then need to get directly into that container by running the following:

# sudo docker exec -it portal_portaldb.1.fi8qmu2izlrhaxtyi6h0phxe6 bash

We then need to connect to the portal psql database:

# psql -U postgres -w -d portal

Connect to the portal db
# \connect portal

We can then run the following queries to enable and unlock a particular account:

update user_info set invalid_login_attempt='0' where username='xxxxx';

update user_info set status='ENABLED' where username='xxxxx';

At this point the account in question will be unlocked and you will be able to
login again with the correct username and password.