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The uninstallation program removes all of SPECTRUM from your hard drive. This includes everything that was originally installed, as well as customizations that may have been applied. The uninstallation program automatically stops all SPECTRUM processes (for example, the SPECTRUM Control Panel, the OneClick Server, processd, the Location Server, and so on).

Close any bash shells you have open before uninstalling. The uninstallation program does not close bash shells, as you may have non-SPECTRUM-related bash shells running.

Important! Do not uninstall SPECTRUM if you plan to perform an upgrade installation. Doing so permanently removes any customizations that may have been applied.

To uninstall SPECTRUM on Windows


2. Log in as Administrator or a user with administrator privileges.  

3. For Windows Server 2003, go to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. For Windows Server 2008, go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features.

4. For Server 2003, highlight SPECTRUM and select Change/Remove. For Server 2008, highlight SPECTRUM and select Uninstall/Change.

Note: If you highlight SPECTRUM OneClick Console and select Change/Remove, only the Java Web Start application will be removed.

The Uninstallation dialog appears.

5. Select Uninstall.

6. Click OK on the Warning window to continue the uninstallation.  

7. When the uninstallation is complete, click OK on the Uninstall Status window.

SPECTRUM is uninstalled.


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