How to Uninstall CA TSOPLUS

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Here are some recommendations to assist you in uninstalling CA TSOPLUS.                   


1) Review your logon processes for the following setup:                         

      instead of PGM=IKJEFT01                                            

      you have  PGM=TSOSESS                                             

This will need to be changed back to PGM=IKJEFT01                              


2) Remove the started task from your PROCLIB.                             

      The default name is TSOPLUS                                                


3) The panel names all start with TSOP, these should be deleted from your panel library.                                                 


4) You may have the following entry In your PPT. Please remove it.            

      PPT PGMNAME(TSOMAIN)                                                



5) If you have an option on your ISPF main panels for TSOPLUS please remove it.         

   when installing, we recommended  P +TSOPLUS ODA - Menu of on demand applications       


6) In your LNKLST library you may have set up dummy routines. Remove them. 

       TSOCNTL and TSOCLEAR                                               


7) Remove all the TSOPLUS modules from your system. There should be just one LOADLIB unless you made copies