How to understand The 'SECCACHE' Parameter 'NOSPACE'.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The TSS MODIFY STATUS(SECCACHE) shows the DATA SIZE using a certain percentage. This means that there is still space available; yet the NOSPACE parameter shows a fairly large number.


 TSS1354I ------------ SECCACHE STATISTICS ------------
 TSS1355I  Data Size 0536870912     In Use 0435629848  % Used  081
 TSS1356I Index Size 0000010000     In Use 0000001877  % Used  018
 TSS1357I   SHR Wait 0000000000  EXCL Wait 0000000000
 TSS1358I       Gets 0000025476  Satisfied 0000016534  % Found 064
 TSS1359I       Adds 0000003977    Deletes 0000000000  Exp Hrs 000
 TSS1360I    NOSPACE 0000004937    NOINDEX 0000000000  Warn %  090
 TSS1361I    Low Rcd 0000000960   High Rcd 0000722168  Avg Rcd 0000229751
 TSS9070I OKAY  


NOSPACE shows the number of data area allocation requests failing due to no available space.

It is normal and expected that NOSPACE shows entries, because the available DATA SPACE is fragmented and the space to hold a record must be in one piece.

It is common to see the NOSPACE number rise. When the DATA SIZE percent used hits about 80%, there are no longer any large available spaces in one piece. Smaller entries will still fit and the percent used will start to creep.

Please refer to the CA Top Secret Control options Guide for more details about SECCACHE control option.