How to turn on numbered options (optional bit settings) in RHDCOPTF and how to verify the settings via DCPROFIL.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Since IDMS Release 18.0, Optional APARs are no longer used to tailor CA IDMS programs and instead optional APARs are replaced either with syntax or numbered options that are implemented through bit settings in the RHDCOPTF module. This information is documented in the IDMS 18.0 Release Notes, in the section “Optional APAR Replacement “. Optional APARs are activated by adding the appropriate bit setting in the #DEFOPTF macro specifications in the RHDCOPTF module.

A list of all IDMS 18.5 Optional Apar Bit Settings are documented in RI70658 Title: OPTIONAL APAR BIT SETTINGS FOR RELEASE 18.5.

During the IDMS installation process, JOB03 contains the assembly and link JCL for RHDCOPTF. The #DEFOPTF macro specifications are in the IDMS185.CUSTOM.SRCLIB(RHDCOPTF).

         TITLE 'RHDCOPTF - Optional APAR Bitmap Table'      

* RHDCOPTF                                                  

         #DEFOPTF OPT00013                                  

         #DEFOPTF OPT00027                                  

         #DEFOPTF TYPE=GENERATE                             


After executing JOB03 (steps ASM#OPTF and LINKOPTF) to implement RHDCOPTF, either recycle the IDMS CV or issue a DCMT VARY NUCLEUS to refresh the RHDCOPTF module:




To verify the Numbered Options are correct, at the Enter Next Task Code, issue a DCPROFIL command and scroll down to one of the last pages to see the RHDCOPTF display:

** OPTION FLAGS (RHDCOPTF) **                                                   


 OPT00013  OPT00027   



CA IDMS Installation and Maintenance Guide for z/OS, Chapter 5 Starting your Product, Numbered Options

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