How to Tune CA XCOM for AS/400 i5/OS for Performance

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Tuning CA XCOM for AS/400 i5/OS for Performance


Items to check when tuning for performance on XCOM for AS/400 i5/OS

  • For SNA transfers, check the mode that you are using. Use a mode with larger rusizes and pacing if appropriate.
  • For TCP/IP transfers, increase the MAXCLIENTS (number of slaves) and the MAXBACKLOG parameter (number of waiting transfers) if appropriate.
  • Compression. Depending on the type of data, compression may increase throughput. Test with your data to determine which compression methods are most effective in your environment.  With high speed links, no compression may be best.
  • Make sure the Communication Trace is off
  • Submit enqueued transfers instead of nonqueued transfers.
  • Make sure that you have sessions available with the XCOMBGP process to handle the load for enqueued transfers.
  • Upgrade to the latest release and make sure all maintenance is applied. Check this by entering the following on the command line
    • "CALL XCOMVER". This will tell you if you are running that genlevel.
  • When initiating transfers from AS/400 you may specify the BLOCKDATA parameter. The parameter is for record packing and can improve transfer speed considerably.
  • Checkpointing can be very useful if you have a long running transfer. However, with a high speed, dependable link, or if you are transferring relatively small files, it may be unnecessary. Buffers are written on the receiving system every time a checkpoint is taken which increases overhead. Raise the checkpoint value or turn off checkpointing if appropriate. Turn off checkpointing by setting it to 0.