How to track ARD License usage in CodeMeter

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Last Modified Date : 07/01/2019
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We have a Current User License Server for ARD. Is there a way to track license usage through the CodeMeter WebAdmin page? We would like to know how often users are accessing ARD, and if we start running low on user license.
CodeMeter allows for License Tracking. The "License Monitor/License Tracking" feature allows you to track 'who', 'when', 'from where', and 'how often' ARD users request a license from your License server.

For Windows Servers, the License Tracking is controlled via a Windows registry entry: HKLM/SOFTWARE/WIBU-SYSTEMS/CodeMeter/Server/CurrentVersion.


Steps for enabling the License Tracking in CodeMeter
  • Locate the "LogLicenseTracking" entry and set this to '1' to enable it. By default, this is set to '0' (disabled). There is also a "LogLicenseTrackingPath" which defines where the tracking log will be written. By default, the log patch is '%ProgramData%\CodeMeter\LicenseTracking. Once you have made this change, you will need to restart the CodeMeter service on the License Server.
  • Once the service has been restarted, launch the CodeMeter WebAdmin page.
  • From there select the License Monitoring Tab. You should see a "License Tracking" menu pick.
  • Select the 'License Tracking' pick to bring up the License Tracking page. In the License Tracking page, you need to provide the Firm Code (by default should be 5000362: Grid-Tools Ltd.). Then Select the logging period, and the License to monitor. 
  • Click the 'Create Report' button to generate the report. By default, the report will show the last months’ worth of activity.
  • You can drill down to a daily view and hourly view if needed. To drill down to the daily view, left click on the bar graph of interest.
  • To drill down to the Hourly view, left click on the bar graph of interest.
  • If you left click on any bar graph at this level, you can get the details of the licensed used during that hour.
  • Clicking the up arrow in the Navigation section will take you up one level (Daily/Monthly).
The left and right arrows allow you to travel one hour/day/month to the left or right in the report.